Privacy Policy



Panther Media Group Limited and its affiliates (collectively "Panther Media Group") are committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Notice sets out our privacy policy and explains what we do with the information that we collect from our users. This Privacy Notice discloses the current privacy practices for our web site. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information contained in this Privacy Notice, please contact the Legal Department at Panther Media Group, P. O. Box 502211, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

1. Disclosing your Information 

We will not willfully disclose personal information about you to any third party other than to process your subscription order for our services without requesting your permission or unless we are under a legal obligation to do so. You also authorise us to disclose your personal information if we believe the disclosure is appropriate to instigate an investigation of improper or illegal conduct in connection with our web site such as fraud, misrepresentation, intellectual property infringement, or any other activity that may expose us to liability.

2. Collating Data 

Subject to the terms of this Privacy Notice, we may collate and provide to third parties statistical data about our customers, sales and services derived from information acquired through our web site, but these statistics will not contain any personal information about you from which you could be identified. Panther Media Group collects email addresses and personal information from customer Web site registrations, online and offline subscriptions to Panther Media Group’s services, from Competitions and Surveys and in response to Panther Media Group’s welcome email to new subscribers. 

3. Security 

This site is secured with 128bit SSL encryption for your total privacy. Any information shared cannot be viewed or accessed by the intended recipient. 

4. Cookies 

Like most other web sites, Panther Media Group servers may automatically track certain information activity on our web site. This information allows us to keep our web site running efficiently. This information may include: the browser being used (such as Netscape, Internet Explorer etc.); your operating system (such as Macintosh, Windows 2000, etc.); your IP address; referring URL and all company URLs you visit. We use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server, and to administer our web site, but your IP address is not connected to information that is personally identifiable. 

In addition, Panther Media Group may use "cookies" on certain pages our web site to automatically process information from a user to our web site and transfer this information to the users drive. Cookies help us recognise repeat users allowing communication of a personal welcome message and tailoring of content to match particular interests. 

We also may use outside advertising companies to display advertisements on our web site, advertisements may also contain Cookies. Some data may be shared with the advertising affiliates in accordance with the other terms of this Privacy Notice. Because Cookies are stored on your hard drive, not on our web site, you are able to set your browser to decline Cookies and you can delete them from your computer. If you decline "Cookies" or delete them from your computer, you will still be able to access our web site, but you may find that some areas do not work as smoothly as when Cookies are on your system. 

5. Other Parties Privacy Policies 

This Privacy Notice only applies to our collection and our use of your personal information. We are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of promotional advertisers or other third party web sites to which we may provide links.

6. Email Alerts

In the event that you subscribe to our email alerts, Panther Media Group may send you programme highlights, new products & services, and special offers from OSN and/or third party companies if we have gained appropriate permission from you. In the event you no longer wish to receive email alerts from Panther Media Group please send an email to